Building Brighter Futures Campaign

Building Brighter Futures Capital Campaign

In order to establish the Youth Services Center, we launched a capital campaign at the end of 2015 that will enable youthSpark to operate the Center in a financially sustainable way. So far the campaign has been a great success, but we still need your support to meet our goal!


More than 5,000 youth ages 12+ pass through the Fulton County Juvenile Court each year. The majority of these young people have done nothing wrong whatsoever, as they are involved in child welfare cases. Many of the rest of our youth come through the building because they are engaging in risky and “crying out” behaviors such as running from home or missing school.The simple truth is that many of these thousands of youth each year have suffered the trauma of abuse, exploitation, or high-risk status.


The NEW youthSpark Youth Services Center will serve 500+ at-risk youth per year whose lives intersect with the Fulton County Juvenile Court, focusing on those experiencing abuse or exploitation; research the life outcomes of these youth and the root causes of their abuse; scale evidence-based service models by training affiliated providers and youth-serving public agencies; and use youth engagement alongside with our research and service credibility to advocate for justice.


Through a $700,000 fundraising campaign, the Youth Services Center will address profound gaps that still exist in Atlanta’s capacity to connect abused and exploited youth with life-changing services. Not only will this Center help transform the lives of abused and exploited youth, but it will also be a catalyst for systems change in Georgia through its data-driven approach to service provision and impact assessment. youthSpark anticipates opening the Youth Services Center in early 2016.

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