Anna’s Story


Anna’s Story

Anna was referred to Voices by school social workers because she was not attending school regularly. She and her mom had been chronically homeless since Anna was 13 years old and they were currently living in an Atlanta shelter. Anna spoke to Voices staff about being sick and tired of living in shelters and the kids at school making fun of her.

“High school is already tough and it gets worse when you don’t have what others have and they know you are homeless.”

Although there were several organizations and groups who came in contact with the family, nothing seemed to work for all of their critical and complex needs. It was at least a year before Anna was able to speak up about having to engage in survival sex. She always denied any exploitation because she, like many other youth entering the program, thought it was something she had to do to take care of herself. Today, Anna’s family continues to struggle with stable housing, but Anna is able to live with friends while she plans to complete get her GED and find a job.