Court Advocacy


Court Advocacy

As an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization housed inside the Fulton County Juvenile Courthouse, we are uniquely positioned to support and advocate on behalf of court-involved youth. We partner with the Court to develop innovative programs, provide critical services to youth and their families, and more.

Advocating for Court-Involved Youth

Youth who are connected with the Youth Services Center, including the Voices Early Intervention program, have case managers and clinicians who provide oversight and advocacy in the event these youth have active court cases. For some of our youth, such cases are child welfare-related court hearings, and for others the cases are adjudicative in nature. We believe that youth should be supported so that they can move out from system involvement as soon as it is safe to do so, so we focus on helping our youth and families achieve the positive outcomes that help them get their lives back to normal.

Funding Services for Court-Involved Youth

One of our primary goals in supporting court-involved youth is to connect as many of them as possible with positive, prosocial community activities and social settings. Many court-involved youth make tremendous positive progress in a short period of time. When they do, we want to support their interests, goals, and aspirations as much as possible in order to encourage and strengthen their positive change.

Often times making these community connections for our youth simply requires knowing the right people and programs in the community who can help. If you are a community program that can provide positive experiences to our youth, please let us know by emailing Sometimes it costs money to do things like send a youth to summer camp, buy cheerleader equipment, order a school uniform, buy prescription glasses, or help a child see a specialized therapist.

In these instances we rely on the Judge Jones Youth Fund, established in honor of Judge Sammy Jones—a Fulton County Juvenile Court Judge whose passion for helping youth in need was unparalleled. This is a dedicated fund, which means that 100{71bb150a2bc889730474e0d4d3c3934bdfc3cc805d65fba18ac3d426a1e1afd5} of the money raised goes directly to youth in need. We partner with the Court to make sure that the youth who need it most are able to access the services they need through this fund, including youth connected to our Youth Services Center. The fund is completely donor supported. If you would like to make a contribution to the fund, please visit our secure online giving page to donate today.