How a small nonprofit uses cloud services to save lives…at scale.

We all know that “the cloud” can help us get organized and work more efficiently, but did you know it can also combat trafficking victimization?

The team at youthSpark recently launched a technology-based program designed to address the problem of sex trafficking right at the source: men who buy young people for sex. The program is called Demand Tracker, and while it looks like a simple website, there’s much more going on behind-the-scenes.

youthSpark doesn’t have any software engineers on staff, but that’s no longer as big of a barrier in today’s technology landscape. By combining together a handful of cloud-based services, namely Airtable and Zapier, the youthSpark staff was able to create an automated system that deters tens of thousands of prospective trafficking offenders before they potentially harm a young person. Both Airtable and Zapier enable allow non-programmers to do amazing feats of software engineering, and at a fraction of the price of paying for professional developers.

To learn more about Demand Tracker and how it is reducing trafficking victimization across the U.S., watch the CNN Freedom Project video here.