Sophia & Avni’s stART2end Campaign


Sophia & Avni’s stART2end Art Campaign

At youthSpark we believe there is a critical voice missing from the public dialogue—the voice of youth. Our goal is to amplify their voices because it is their peers who are bought and sold as products. To that end, youthSpark is empowering teens, and the adults who work with them, to reduce the trafficking of children though education and activism—an important and necessary step in stopping human trafficking in our state.
start2end posterstART2end now is an art competition created by two of our interns from metro Atlanta high schools, Sophia and Avni. The competition involves using art in a safe, but bold, way to raise awareness about and engage youth on this issue. Certainly trafficking can be a sensitive topic, but sheltering young people from this issue prevents them from being informed and knowledgeable. We support introducing this topic to youth in a safe, teen-friendly format. This means educating youth on the proper terminology and issues surrounding trafficking, without being graphic or inappropriate.

The competition engaged students around the metro area to learn, discuss, and act on this social problem. There are many ways to engage your school and community around the issue of sex trafficking without being heavy or burdensome. If you are unsure how to lead this discussion, we have a four-page discussion guide we’d be happy to send you. Just email us at [email protected].