A Future. Not A Past.

A Future. Not a Past.

Georgia’s first coordinated statewide campaign to address the problem of child sex trafficking was launched by youthSpark (then called Juvenile Justice Fund), and was called A Future. Not A Past. Today this campaign is a core part of what youthSpark is all about, which is why we phased the program name out several years ago.

Our initial work to end child sex trafficking was focused mainly on serving victims. Several years after Angela’s House was established, we came to the conclusion that if Georgia only focuses on saving victims, we are inadvertently ensuring that there will always be new victims to save. To truly protect children, we need to create a culture that will prevent further exploitation by buyers, pimps, and traffickers. Launched in 2007, A Future. Not A Past. (AFNAP), was a landmark campaign designed to fight the demand for the prostitution of our children in Georgia. We addressed the issue through a four-tiered strategy of research, prevention, intervention and education. With A Future. Not A Past. we advocated for HB200, Georgia’s human trafficking bill, and trained over 3,000 law enforcement officers statewide. The program was incredibly successful, and has been replicated in other cities across the country. Today we have incorporated the tenets and aims of A Future. Not A Past. into our daily operations.

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